A Few Foodie Friends

A Few Foodie Friends

Monica’s is proud to make fun, fresh, gourmet meals for our community. We have earned our reputation for delicious, creative meals through our unique recipes, fantastic flavor profiles, and colorful details with artful presentations.

But as lovely as all of this is, what really makes it special—and what we’re so very proud of—is our partnerships and friendships for making everything locally sourced and farm-to-table!

We are so pleased to partner with the best in the business. Right here in Southeast Texas.

We want to highlight a few here today and show off a few dishes that exemplify the power of good quality and good people who put care, attention, and love into what they do!

We use grass-fed beef from Wild Earth Texas. Rachel Wilson is the owner of Wild Earth and she is amazing. She inspires us with her approach to quality and detail. Wild Earth’s beef has been a part of Monica’s for years, and we are proud to let our customers know it.

From Shepherd’s pie to steak to our world-renowned burgers, Wild Earth continues to be a valued partner and cherished friend of Monica’s. See her site here

Vegetables and herbs make a world of difference in any flavor profile, especially at Monica’s. The freshness cannot get any fresher than our friends at Donna’s Farm. Donna’s Farm in Southeast Texas produces the finest vegetables and fruits with such kind, genuine goodness, we cannot sing their praises enough!

At Monica’s, you’ll find fresh carrots, zucchini, cucumbers, strawberries, potatoes, and more every week—all from Donna’s Farm. We have a terrific relationship as we have the same shared values and passions about what food should be and all the exciting things food could be with great quality, natural, organic, fresh goodies. See Donna’s Farm here.

Lastly, we want to highlight our friends at Seafood Lover. In Beaumont, there’s no other provider with the longevity, reputation, and trust like Seafood Lover. We adore their personable, charming service that matches their top notch, fresh seafood.

We love cooking redfish, catfish, and shrimp in various recipes. Seafood Lover has it all and they do a tremendous job of selection and recommendations. For decades, folks around Southeast Texas have trusted the expertise and authentic, fresh, greatness of Seafood Lover for fish, shrimp, crabs, scallops, and more. Go see our friends at Seafood Lover and see for yourself. Check them out here…

We love our friends and partners. It’s hard to separate business from “life,” so at Monica’s, we say:  With friends like ours, why would you want to separate anything!?!?

We are blessed and well-flavored with so many friends and partners. Check them out today and visit us again to see our next highlights for more valued partners such as these.

Until next time: be well, eat well, and share a bite and a beverage with someone you care about today!

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