But First, Dessert!

But First, Dessert!

We’ve worked hard to make Monica’s a special place for wonderful flavors, gourmet to-go lunches, and one-of-a-kind dinner experiences. We are known for our savory meals like our White Bass Romesco Roulade, our Banh Mon sandwiches, and Redfish Pontchartrain among other dishes.


But we also know how to throw down a decadent dessert!

We love desserts at Monica’s. And one of our favs is this twist on the classic pot de creme.

Our Old Fashioned inspired Dark Chocolate Pot de Creme is spiked with Makers Mark for a rich, deep flavor. With cara cara orange, vanilla bean, burnt meringue, and Italian Cherry syrup, it’s a treat that you just can’t beat.

Oh, did I mention the rosemary shortbread? Yeah, we do that too! It’s a sweet complement to the soft, cushy whipped meringue. This dessert raises the bar for sweetness, and you’ll love it.

Ask for this dessert as part of a special family or private dinner at Monica’s. Or if you’re hosting a business meeting, this is a terrific way to end the meeting—with dark chocolate drizzled meringue and smiles.

Until next time, stay safe and make every bite a moment!

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