Cooking like a local!

🔪Rachel Wilson thank you for the delivery of the best ever grass fed beef!!
First time cooking a merlot steak-akin to a flanken style cut with nice ley lines- not too wonky on the lines of grain!!
👩🏻‍🍳I channeled my inner chef Francis Mallmann and pretended my cast iron griddle was atop a blazing wood burning fire deep in the Patagonia tundra of Argentina.
🔥Snap! Back to reality in blazing hot burning saddles Texas with my little electric flat top which by the way did a fine job of searing this new found cut of meat.
💥Dinner in under 30 minutes!
Start to finish- pay dry beef, scratch cracked Montreal seasoning, evoo rub and a sear for the steak both sides total around 15 min. Rest 10 then cut in 2 sections + slice against the grain.
🍠Par boil new potatoes in a vinegar + alkaline water bath (no city water for us)
& a quick copper bottom smash in a screaming hot cast iron pan.
Finish with a light dust of kosher Na.
Thank you Wild Earth Texas for being a beacon of light in these trying times of big world food problems.

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