King Ranch Chicken

King Ranch Chicken

Spicy. Zesty. Flavorful and festive.

In South Texas, folks know how a savory and spicy Tex-Mex dish should taste, and they know that it doesn’t get much more special than a really good King Ranch Chicken.

The taste-bud tantalizing combinations of green chiles, pulled, juicy chicken, and creamy sauce is unlike any other casserole type of dish. We love the flavor and texture blends of King Ranch Chicken, especially with a little heat and sumptuous cheesy, creamy finish. Mmmmm…..there’s nothing like it.

So that’s precisely why we take our King Ranch seriously. And we think you will, too!

At Monica’s, King Ranch Chicken is one of our most popular, most requested dishes for our weekly curbside take-out orders. It’s hearty, it’s full of flavors that everyone seems to crave, and it’s an easy meal to portion out to the family.

We use fresh, farm-to-table ingredients for our King Ranch Chicken. With fire-grilled organic chicken, we layered in cheddar cheesy fire-roasted hatch green chile mornay sauce between blue corn tortillas. Plus, topped off with fire-roasted tomatoes spiked with smoked paprika buttery onions. It’s this succulent symphonic combination that makes for an extra savory taste as it blends with the mixed cheese. It’s luxurious, rich, and creamy without being too heavy. Just a perfect bite every time!

We’ve been cooking King Ranch Chicken for a number of years and it continues to be a big hit. We recently made this for our weekly curbside meal and we sold out in a matter of hours. It’s such a treat to share this meal with our friends, fans, and customers.

We offered small and large orders of King Ranch Chicken. We also added a farmer’s leafy green salad with apples, walnuts, and Dijon honey pear vinaigrette. It pairs perfectly with this dish!

See a few photos here of our King Ranch Chicken. And stay tuned for the next time this one hits the menu.

Until next time, remember the wise words of Julia Child: People who love to eat are always the best people!”

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