Mother Monica’s Natural Healing Tonic- Fire Cider

Attention all natural healers, detoxers, on the wagon folks, sickly, healthy, prickly, ornery, young at heart and just plain good people-
We have a fresh batch of Fire Cider!
(extra good for those nasty covid cases popping up)

πŸ’₯Fire Cider 1 quart $18.75
text name + order 310-463-0127
Pickup Wednesday 5:15

What it is:
Fire cider is an herbal tonic said to increase immunity, help with digestion, and warm you up on a cold day.
Our basic recipe combines all raw veggies, fruit and peppers from Donna’s Farm, dissolved in apple cider vinegar with the mother scoby, cinnamon sticks + alkaline water.

How it do:
The concoction sits in a mason jar for about a month to infuse.
You can take a spoonful of fire cider every day or at the first sign of a cold. Some people prefer to dilute the mixture with juice or use it as vinegar on a salad or drizzled over vegetables.

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