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“We should look for someone to eat and drink with, before looking for something to eat and drink” – Epicurus

Enjoy a truly memorable experience for you and your family, friends, or private party.
Monica’s offers unique, personalized, exclusive dinner parties that fit your tastes, your budget, and your style. You name your preferences and genre or categories, and Monica takes care of the rest.

“I believe that food has a unique ability to bring people together. With farm-to-table fresh foods and some ingenuity, we love to make personalized, delicious dinners that people can cherish and savor.”

Monica Cobb

Chef & Culinary Artist

Monica Cobb brings a lifelong passion of quality cuisine to every morsel of flavorful food. She believes in authentic, artful food with fresh ingredients from the best of the local environment. It’s this genuine spirit and commitment to quality that has made Monica’s a standout. And even the best is yet to come.

Monica comes by it honestly. She grew up in Southeast Texas where her family had a gristmill, a peanut farm, and was taught to respect and appreciate the origins of food.

In 1998 she made the journey to Los Angeles to study culinary arts where she was culinarily baptized as a line cook under the direction of the renowned Wolfgang Puck and Gina DeCew Moy at Spago Hollywood. From there, she was awarded the prestigious scholarship to West Lake Culinary School under the tutelage of Cecelia De Castro.

As her career blossomed, Monica found herself working as a private chef where she traveled the world and worked for high profile personalities, including Simpsons’ creator, Matt Groening. She worked as a commercial food stylist where she exercised her artistic muscles as well as her culinary knowledge. She was the chef of a 1901 river steamboat on the Nile in Cairo, Egypt shortly after serving as chef to the widely known Burning Man festival.

  • Food Network
    Guy’s Grocery Games
  • Spago—Hollywood
    Wolfgang Puck
  • 1901 River Restaurant
    Cairo, Egypt
  • Texas Highways
    Featured Restaurant
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    Featured Restaurant
  • Burning Man Festival

Upon returning to Texas where she married local artist, John Cobb, Monica took her talents and passion to inject a new flavor scene in Beaumont and the surrounding area.

She and her husband created a pop-up called “Renegade Dinners,” she served as a private chef for various people and parties, and the magnetic specialty Banh Mon sandwich food truck of the same name.

Her brick-and-mortar restaurant, Monica’s, made waves with her signature dishes and stylistic flair. She included local ingredients and connections, partnering with Donna’s Farm for fresh produce, Wild Earth Texas for grass-fed beef, the Texas Coffee Company for local specialty spices and coffee, and other local resources for the ultimate farm-fresh, organic, chef-driven restaurant.

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Kitchen Crafted

Today, the restaurant takes a different perspective. Monica and her team take the same love, passion, and promise that she has perfected and dedicated herself to…but now to YOU. For personal, private dinners held at her restaurant space or hosted at an offsite special locale, Monica’s makes special dinners for small groups and businesses.

We’ve had small businesses, corporate businesses, events teams, and more call upon the reliable, creative, and crafted techniques and tastes of Monica’s. For private dinners, business class dinners, and even one-of-a-kind catering events, Monica’s makes every bite magical and every dinner unforgettable.

We at Monica’s invite you to share in the excitement (*and comfort, too!) of having a truly unique experience. We customize the menu to your event, your budget, and your theme. We have yet to make the exact meal twice!

Monica Cobb, her husband, and her children are all part of the genuine love of culinary HEART. Let’s plan your next meal and make your moment.

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Impress your out-of-town guests or enjoy a special culinary adventure with colleagues as Monica’s customizes a private business dinner. Elegant, intimate, and distinct, leave it to us to make it magical.

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Monica’s weekly meals make farm-to-table lunches and dinners quick, convenient, and affordable. See what Monica’s cooking up from week to week, order ahead, and pick up with no stress, no mess, and all deliciousness.

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